Shell First Placer Reynan S. Sanchez , No Stopping Him Now

By Angelo M. Vergel De Dios

“Tuloy tuloy tuloy, walang hadlang”- his winning artwork declares. This title also seems very apt in describing the path being undertaken by Reynan S. Sanchez, an Advertising Arts junior at the UE College of Fine Arts. He recently won First Place in the Watercolor Category of the Shell National Students’ Art Contest. Much like his prized artwork, there seems to be no stopping his ascent, and his dreams are within reach. And Reynan is not complaining one bit. After all, never did he dream that he would snag the top prize in his first try at a national art contest.

The twenty-year-old Reynan is the youngest of the six children of Rolando, a jeepney operator, and Leticia, a homemaker. All are based in Caloocan City.

Being an artist, it seems, runs in their blood. Reynan explains that it was one of his brothers that became his influence in drawing. The young Reynan further recalls that as a kid, he would draw with chalk on their doors rather than on a blackboard, explaining that he finds fulfillment in drawing on huge surfaces, and finds personal fulfillment in drawing per se.

While at the Baesa Elementary School in Caloocan, where he took his elementary studies, he was already joining art contests, though he never won. Even in Baesa High School, the closest he got to winning was entering the final round of an editorial cartoon contes says he has no in joining his craft.

Choosing UE was basically a matter of convinience for him, as the Caloocan Campus is near his home. Moreover, he also heard that UE has been producing numerous winners in various art competitions.

Reyna describes his college life as normal, regularly attending class and submitting his projects as well all other requirements. He also does not deny that he let some compititions pass. It was inly after a friend won a Petron Art Contest did he take a second look at arts tilt. When he realized that he wanted to win a contest as well.

Upon finding out about Shell, his painting teacher, Prof. Leonardo Uy, influenced him to give it a try. Raynan, however, needed no further prodding and signed up. He recalls that it was a very tense experience as this was his first time to join a national art tilt. The contestants were given a fixed time to finish their artwork. And while completing the project, Reynan encountered some rough sailing: The size of his finished product was much larger than the required size of the contest, frame included. Hence, he had to chop off a portion of his work prior to framing. (There were two screenings: the preliminaries in which the works would be screened if they were eligible for the competition, and the finals.)

A few weeks later,Pilipinas Shell called him up. Reynan was asked to submit his studies. He was also told to prepare for an interview and a pictorial. Although previous contestants have told him that activities are usually done with the winners, he did not get his hopes up, much less expected to be First Placer. The great news was true, tough, and when he learned of though he was floating, on a high. It served as a big morale-booster for hin. he was overwhelmed by the support of those he holds dear – his family as well as the UE CFA Community.

He wants to use this experience as his motivation to join other contests. Currently, he has his eyes on the national art contest of Petron, Metrobank and PLDT. Studies will always be his top priority, but he will exert to join these contest which, he believes, are integral to his studies, for they act as his training ground for future endeavors. He also plans to dabble in animation as it is his dream job to be a part of an animation studio. He hopes to join the Walt Disney Company or an outfit that produces Japan’s animc like Toei Animation.

His advice for his fellow CFA students who wish to enter art contests: “Be unique, avoid copying the style of the previous winners, and do whatever you like to do with your work”


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