Genevieve Uy’s Essay at NOSTALGIA

New place. New people. New life.

by Genevieve Uy

New air to breathe. New faces to see. New phase to take.

That’s how it had been for me when I entered my freshmen year during college. I didn’t know anyone. I got no batch-mate from high school who took up the same course I did, nor the same college I’ve gone to. I felt like a stranger placed among the suburbs of Quiapo. Now I understood the concept of Savage Garden’s Santa Monica. Well, I shouldn’t have been here in the first place. What’s more, I wasn’t supposed to take up Fine Arts, and so what was I doing here? Seriously, I have no idea!

That question remained to this day. But then again, it had been worth it. The overhaul had been worth it. The experience had been overwhelming, but it sure did good…

( Want to read the complete essay of Genevieve Uy?  )


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