Trip to Paris, PHOTO CONTEST!

The Alliance Française Foundation in Paris, in partnership with the French magazine Courrier International, has launched an international photography competition on the theme “I’m 20 years old in my country” (“J’ai 20 ans dans mon pays”) or photography Filipino Youth.

Alliances Françaises around the world are invited to coordinate the competition in their respective countries. In Manila, the competition is organized by the Alliance Française de Manille with the support of Silverlens Gallery, from July 21 to August 10. Participants have to send the registration form (can be downloaded from AFM website: and four (4) photos by email to by August 10, 2010, on the theme: “I’m 20 years old in my country” (photographing the youth in the Philippines). Technical requirements for photos: JPEG, 1MB maximum, resolution 1500x2000pixels or 72 DPI).

The competition is open to Filipino citizens and residents in the Philippines, non-professional photographers, without age limitation. The photos submitted have to be original and unpublished. The jury in Manila will select one Filipino winner and will send two (2) of his/her selected photos to the Alliance Française Foundation in Paris for the Final competition where 20 countries will be represented. The final winner of the competition will be invited to Paris for a week, and a Parisian gallery will organize an individual exhibit. The pictures of the 20 runners-up will be exhibited during Courrier International’s gala in September 2010, and the special 20th anniversary edition of the magazine will publish some of them. Moreover, the pictures will be exhibited in the Fondation’s gallery during the international symposium in January 2010. This exhibit will be made available to the Alliance Française as a touring exhibit.

Download Files
Registration Form (DOC)
Photo Competition Rules (PDF)

The registration form and the photos must be sent by email to sabrina@alliance.phThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it by August 10, 2011

Application requirement
– Must be Filipino Citizen or resident in the Philippines
– Must be a non-professional photographer
– No Age Limitation
– Submit four (4) photos to local jury
– Photos submitted have to be original and unpublished

Technical Requirements
– Digital Format (JPEG)
– Maximum size of 1MB
– Resolution of 1500×2000 pixels, 72 DPI (Maximum)

For more information, please contact:
Sabrina Durand – AFM Cultural Coordinator
Tel: +632 895 77 57

Alliance Française de Manille
Silverlens Gallery
Foundation Alliance Française
Courrier International


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