SINGAPORE: Photo Contest for Better Air Quality

‘Click for Clean Air’

(Photo Contest for Better Air Quality) DEADLINE Sept 10

We are having a photo contest for Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2010 Conference!

This contest is kinda informal, and meant to be fun, and aims to celebrate the achievements and highlight the needs of Asian countries in the effort to clean the air in the region.

Eight winners will get bragging rights and a display space for their winning photos in the exhibition area of the BAQ Conference to be held this November 9-11 in Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore! The best photos will also be featured in the Year 2012 Calendar of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), with expected distribution to over 200 organizational members and 8 country networks in Asia! That’s a lot of publicity for a winning photo, eh? 🙂

To join, just send us a picture you think best represents clean air, an activity related to clean air, or actions to help keep the air clean. E-mail to until September 10 (Friday). By September 20, the BAQ Secretariat will upload 20 shortlisted photos in our Clean Air Portal and we will let the public pick the winners!

Here are the rules:

1. Send a file copy of your photo/s in .jpg format with minimum resolution of 300 dpi or 4MB and a short explanation on why you think it qualifies.

2. E-mail submissions must state that the photographer permits CAI-Asia Center to use the photo in any promotional materials or program (non-commercial of course!), provided that the photographer shall be properly acknowledged and that the intellectual property rights remains with the photographer.

3. Send as many pictures as you like so long as you actually took the picture, and that they are relevant to the topic.

4. Submit you photos by September 10 (Friday) to Don’t forget to include the following details:

Personal Information:



E-mail Address:



Photo Information


File Name:

Date Taken:


Camera Used:

Indicate Model:

To Vote:

1. 20 photos will be shortlisted by the CAI-Asia Center. Photographers of the Top 20 photos will be notified by email prior to uploading in

2. Public voting on the Top 20 submitted photos will begin on September 20 – plenty of time for you to start campaigning. A bonus of US$500 will be given to the photo entry with the most number of votes! 🙂

3. Each member of the Clean Air Portal gets one vote (note: you and your friends will have to sign up at to be able to vote!)

4. Vote by leaving a comment on the picture like, “My Favorite”, or “You’ve got my vote”, or “I am Superman”…ok that last one’s a little obscure, but you get the drift.

5. Voting will end on October 8, Friday. Winners will be announced on October 15!

Remember, this is for fun! AND, you contribute to a great cause in helping CAI-Asia promote better air quality in Asia! So go ahead, explore your world and start clicking your cameras for clean air in Asia!


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