“Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2010-2011”

International Invitation Program for Animation Artists
“Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2010-2011”
Information for prospective applicants

1. Aims of the project:

This project, organized by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japan Image Council, is an artist in residence program which aims to provide three outstanding young animation artists from around the world with an opportunity to come to Tokyo and create new works while directly interacting with Japanese animation culture. In doing so, we aim to promote both the creation of excellent works of animation and a better understanding of Japanese culture.

2. Target field: Animation production

3. Number of applicants accepted: 3

4. Duration of the program: 75 days between January and March of 2011.

5. Information concerning support provided

  1. Travel expenses : provided
  2. Living allowance: provided
  3. Travel insurance: provided
  4. Rental accommodation: provided (including workspace)
  5. Location: Tokyo
  6. Materials stipend: provided (within limits)
  7. Expert assistance: provided
  8. Opportunity to present finished work: provided
  9. Opportunities to interact with Japanese creators: provided

6. Program summary

  1. Education/training: participants will be given various opportunities including the chance to visit animation studios and take part in seminars at visual arts schools.
  2. Workshops: participants will receive periodic assistance and instruction from experienced Japanese animators at every stage of their project.
  3. Creation of a new work: participants will begin a new work while in Japan and present the finished work or one part of a work in progress at the end of their stay.

7. Conditions of participation

Applicants must:

  1. Reside outside of Japan and be a citizen of a country other than Japan.
  2. Have had one of their animated works screened at an international film festival (a festival which screened films from other countries besides their own) at least once.
  3. Be between the ages of 20 and 35.
  4. Be able to speak either English or Japanese well enough to communicate in everyday situations.
  5. Be in good health.
  6. Have access to the equipment necessary to participate in a remote interview (e.g. a computer capable of connecting to the internet and using Skype).

8. Application Period

Applications will be accepted beginning July 1st 2010. Application forms and all required documents must be received by September 10th.

9. Application procedure

A. Application form
Fill out the application form (EXCEL or PDF) and send it by e-mail to japic@japic.jp Then, send a printed copy along with the documents listed in section B below

B. Documents which should be submitted

  1. Documents describing the work to be created as part of this program. It is preferable that applicants submit documents (storyboard,script, etc.) which make it possible to understand plans for the work in detail.
  2. A DVD of previous works.
  3. Proof of a work having been screened at a film festival (e.g. a copy of the list of works in a festival catalogue). Proof of more than one film having been screened is not required.
  4. Proof of age and citizenship (e.g. a photocopy of the applicant’s passport).

10. Selection

A selection committee composed of experts in this field will make a first selection based on submitted documents and a second selection after conducting interviews (via the internet) to arrive at a preliminary list of candidates to be invited to participate in the program. Those selected will be contacted in the middle of October and once all conditions of participation have been confirmed the selection will be formally announced.

11. Notice of terms of application/participation.

By applying to this program applicants acknowledge that they agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. After the application period has ended applications cannot as a rule be rescinded. If unavoidable circumstances arise please notify us as soon as possible.
  2. Applicants will not as a rule decline an invitation after they are selected to participate in the program.
  3. Participants understand the purpose of their stay and will spend the entire period in Japan. As a rule applicants will not return to their home countries until the program has ended.
  4. Participants will actively take part in activities related to the program such as lectures, workshops, and visits to schools and studios.
  5. Applicants submit a plan for an animated work at least three minutes in length. If they are selected participants in the program will begin work on this animation project while in Japan and at the end of their stay will present either a completed work or a work in progress to show what they have accomplished during their time in Japan.
  6. If what is presented at the end of the program is one part of a work in progress (see (5) above), the participant will complete the work after leaving Japan and submit a DVD of the finished work by August 2011.
  7. Equipment (computers, cameras, etc.) needed to produce the work created as part of the program will as a general rule be brought by the participants.

12. Application forms, required documents and inquiries should be sent to the following address:

Japan Image Council
Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2010-2011
2-10, Shibuya 2-Chome
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002


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