For 21 Years, it has been our LEGACY to produce Visionaries in the field of arts, the true emblem of UEnian artistry!

This powerful campaign tagline of Buklod Sining proves that the oldest and biggest student organization in the UE College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design is on the right track of producing award-winning artist in diverse field of arts locally and internationally.

The LEGACY continues…

October 12, 2010, in an awarding ceremony held at Ayala Museum in Makati City, for the 43rd Shell National Student Art Competition, more than 1,600 student artists from different parts of the archipelago competed for the most prestigious student art competition in the country. The organizer has selected finalists from different categories, namely, the Watercolor and Oil Painting, Sculpture and Digital Fine Arts.

For 2010, Ayala Museum became the venue for the Shell National Student Art Competition. Aside from the prizes for each category at stake and the prestige for the winners, it also serves as one of the venue and foundation for young and talented artist who wanted to enter the Philippine visual arts arena. Mr. Edgar O. Chua, Chairman and President of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, shared to the participants their undying legacy in supporting young Filipino artist; followed then by a powerful and inspirational message from the head of Society of the Philippine Sculptors, Mr. Ral Arrogante.

The UE delegation headed by Architect Celino Santiago, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design; together with faculty members from the departments of Advertising, Painting and Industrial Design; and Buklod Sining Adviser Professors Edgardo Garcia and Ellen Villanueva were present during the event to give moral support to the UEnian participants.

The delegation goes wild as Ace Aquino bagged the Grand Prize winner for the sculpture category with his entry “Childhood Memories”. The one-foot high sculpture image of a kid, made of small toys from the artist’s collection ( JUNK ART ), is a representation of his innocent and playful life in Malabon City, where he grew up. The sculpture is not just piece of art, but more on the contribution of the memories of a young visionary from his past. Carefully put together, forming an image, a figure that dwells the lingering happiness and wonders of being a kid.

Every single toy included in his opus is a magnificent manifestation of the memories, in which a kind of sculpture that will blow you from the nostalgia of innocence. Ace Aquino is a junior majoring in Advertising, and currently the Vice-President of Buklod Sining Art Organization. He received 50,000 pesos and a medallion. The UE CFAAD also received an award for Excellence in Curriculum, a P20,000 cash prize and a Plaque of Recognition. “I didn’t expect to win, even it sounds cliché. Being one of the finalists is truly an honor for me.

My entry is part of our sculpture class, our professor Mr. Macaisa required us to join. I want people to appreciate the message of my sculpture, for them to recollect the memories of their early days.” Aquino also reveals the symbolism beyond his winning piece was more on the essence of time. “The right hand of my sculpture is incomplete because as we grow old, some memories become vague and other’s has less impact. That’s why some toys that overlap are the representation of old memories overlain by a new one.” Aside from Ace, another Kabuklod made it to the top six of the Digital Fine Arts Category for the 2011 Shell Calendar Contest.

They are Reynan Sanchez, a previous Shell winner, together with Rossini Grace C. Reyes, both Advertising students, received 40,000 pesos each. Sanchez and Reyes’ works are to be included in the Shell 2010 corporate calendar, in distribution all over the Philippines.

Sanchez’ winning entry entitled, “Happy Pilipinas” shows the character of being a Filipino. Even in tumultuous times and situation, Filipino families are always happy and positive to accept the realities of living in a third world country.

The images in his works simply give us the idea that more than money, the very essential for us Filipinos is our family, who will always be at hand to help us, may it be in small or simple ways. Happiness is a prevailing weapon to start a day full of fears and uncertainty. Reynan Sanchez also won a Gold Award in an international competition of Computer Graphics Society 2010, the most important digital art competition and largest digital art forum in the world.

While Rossini Grace C. Reyes’ winning entry, in the same category, entitled “MARKET ENDORSED-PILIPINAS,” is a remarkable attempt for her to join a national competition for the first time. Her work is a collage of images forming a national symbol, which is our flag, and the imagery is a juxtaposition of Filipino entrepreneurial life that normally starts in every family. Reyes’ work also discussed the ethical and social obligation of Filipino youth in helping the community in their own way to achieve progress.

Reyes is a good example of an artist who is very devoted, not only, in painting, comics and digital arts; but also into organizing events related to costume play or Cosplay. “I’m very much focused when it comes to my art… I do not rush the process, and that as an artist, I need to be flexible and strong willed to express my ideas. We have to put our hearts into it because it’s one way of giving respect to our talent.” Design contest using computer had been a fair battlefield for everyone. If all art schools in the country are using design software, like Photoshop in particular, probably everyone has a vast chance of bagging the place. Of course, what truly matter is the brilliant concepts of the artist that will make his visualization stand out from rest.

In the history of the College of Fine Arts, roughly 75% of the students who contributed a lot, particularly in the three major awards of Shell Art Competition, were from Buklod Sining. This is a humble validation that Buklod continues the legacy of giving pride and accolade to University of the East. Not to mention, that the two winners of PLDT Directory Painting Contest, Armando Flaviano and Ronnie Tres Reyes were also from Buklod Sining. 2008 and 2009 have been glorious years to reminisce for CFAAD, winning the back-to-back Grand Champion at the Department of Tourism Lantern Making Contest, and Buklod Sining having represented UE for this annual event. Ace Aquino, Rossini Grace Reyes and Reynan Sanchez are the artist to look for.

Young members of Buklod Sining and the UE CFAAD community will definitely take in to their pride and inspiration to follow them in future art competitions in the country.

Indeed, they are the true emblem of Buklod Sining and UEnian artistry


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  1. Sara Tan says:

    Congrats to UE, next year sana UST naman, joke : )

    Magaling talaga kayo, promise : )

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