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by Genevieve Uy

The Buklod Sining has done it again and has left another mark in the field of visual arts. Pulling in another milestone for one of the oldest organization in the University of the East, it calls for a big round of applause indeed. Going out of the confinement of the walls and sharing to a wider crowd what true Buklod Sining members’ made of.

PeliKULAY: Buklod Sining’s Tribute to Philippine Cinema, the exhibit opened last February 1, 2011 at Phil-Am Life Center for the Arts, United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila. The said event paved way for February being the Art Month for Buklod Sining’s goal to promote and appreciate through art, and will run until February 18, 2011.

The exhibit featured Filipino actors who have contributed to Philippine cinema over the years. The exhibit speared with artworks from the alumni and members of which brought in not just the objective of posting an exhibit, but the oneness of the group in paying homage to Philippine cinema. The idea came up with the Buklod Sining Alumni Society Chairman Ronwell Bacani, being a huge fan of Philippine movies from the golden age to the modern times. Backed up by others who got inspired with the idea, the exhibit pushed through and became a grand avenue for different ages and genre.

Themed by the 50’s trend, the exhibit opened with an air of anticipation. As the old songs played in the background, the curtain opened and all were excited with how the exhibit would go about for the rest of the night. With hosts Genevieve Uy and Chris Martinez, both members of the Buklod Sining Alumni Society, the program kicked off with an Opening Prayer led by the Buklod Sining Vice President Ace Aquino. It followed with Miss Ruby Sapaula’s brief history of Buklod Sining. To top off the opening, the Dean Celino Santiago of the College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design gave a short speech for those who have attended and graced the event.

Of course, those who had their artworks hanging and shown were backed up with pure pride already. Images of Fernando Poe Jr.; comedy king Dolphy; Tito, Vic and Joey; Nora Aunor; Vilma Santos, Dawn Zulueta, Gloria Romero, Bembol Roco, Philip Salvador, Rene Requiestas, Palito, Nida Blanca, Susan Roces, Edu Manzano and other stars flourished in the exhibit; and a short showcase for old cinema houses were also present. To heighten the anticipation even, invited personalities Mr. Joey de Leon, with his son Jacko de leon, and Mrs. Grace Poe Llmanzares arrived to formally open the exhibit with the cutting of the ribbon.

Appointed by President Noynoy Aquino, Mrs. Grace Poe Llmanzares is the chairperson for Movie and Television Review and Classification Board or MTRCB. Known to be the daughter of the late movie actor Fernando Poe Jr. she was ecstatic as she moved around from one artwork to another, considering that most participants of the exhibit had Fernando Poe Jr. for their subject. During the short interview, we asked for a short message from her. She said she was ecstatic, not just seeing Fernando Poe Jr. in the artworks, but being a part of the opening of the exhibit as well. Despite the MTRCB dealing more with Television and Movies, she said that she believes that this form of art intertwines with the two, and if there is anything the MTRCB can do to help in preserving this, they would gladly participate and take part of it.

While Mr. Joey de Leon, as we know, is a known comedy actor, a TV host, a composer, columnist and a painter as well. During the tour inside the exhibit area, it will be highly noticeable how he scrutinized each artwork. Looking closely at each and even discussing about the subject, you would know how appreciative he had been for each works he saw. In an interview, he imparted to the listeners and onlookers about his paintings. He mentioned too that he studied at University of the East in Manila before and took up Business Management. He was able to interact with other artists too, and it empowered more his likeness, passion and appreciation with painting. When asked if he could be a guest artist for the next exhibit, he gladly accepted it. This interview took place in front of a painting with a portrait of Mr. Joey de Leon as the subject. He also had his picture taken with the artist who did the painting.
Certificate of Appreciation were awarded to each for gracing the show and to show gratitude for their presence and support. The event turned out to be pleasurable as well hearing them say their input.

Pulling in with an outpour of support, the following were also present during the event: Prof. Edgardo Garcia and Prof. Ellen Villanueva, advisers of Buklod Sining; Prof. Sonia Lim; Prof. Fe Evangelio; Prof. Romano Macaisa; Arch. Art Barroca; Independent filmmaker Richard Soriano Legaspi; Prof. Ronwell Bacani. As the night went on, visitors started to pour in. To the delight of the members, some of the founders of Buklod Sining arrived, and gave more kick for the event. One founder was heard to have said, “Pare, 21 years na… Akalain mo 21 years na!”, and this was delivered with shining pride.

Yes, indeed twenty-one years have passed and the group of Buklod Sining has grown and reached heights, and will continue doing so. Saying, “Thank you” to those who had been significant to Buklod Sining could never be enough for the years that have encompassed them. To top off the night and with great pride and honor, an awarding ceremony presented three of the figures that have helped Buklod Sining in cultivating the members, not just as soldiers of art but in becoming remarkable individuals in their field as well.

The Buklod Sining Gawad Sininglangan Award is the highest of the acknowledgment given to a body that made the biggest contribution in honing the talents, and this cover the whole aspect of art itself. Miss Ruby Sapaula introduced the first awardee, Mrs. Ellen Villanueva, who stood as a mother to the younglings of Buklod Sining, and has continuously done so. Mr. Edgardo Garcia, the second to be awarded and is considered as the father of Buklod Sining, was introduced by Mr. Ronwell Bacani. Lastly, Legaspi presented the third awardee. Ronaldo Ruiz, who’s also a member of the Buklod Sining.

And as the hours of the night were closing in, exhausted as it may seem, but it had been all worthy. A night to toast for a success and a scene worth remembering and looking back to with what took place in the four corners of the exhibiting hall. The smile in each that took pride for Buklod Sining would carry out, for the courageous hearts of true Buklod Sining members has risen atop again. The presence of each have added up to the strong rocks that will long be surrounding and protecting the house of the oldest running group in the University of the East. Amidst the challenges, this is a proof that indeed, Buklod Sining reigns. One heart, one mind, one spirit… Kudos Buklod Sining!

Participating artists of “PeliKULAY” Tribute to Philippine Cinema Painting Exhibition are the following: Ronaldo Ruiz, Max Balatbat, Rommel Quimson, Ricardo Adeva, James Belgira, Jose Mariano, Jasmine Diaz, Reymark Añonuevo, Yanick Dionisio, Angelito de Guzman, Leonardo B. Uy, Romano Macaisa, Benay Reyes, Jeremy Joy Francisco, Maribelle Sambale, Russel Llarena, Ace Aquino, Jose Fadrilan, Sarah Co, Diana Mae Velasco, Leonardo Manto, Cheska dela Cruz, Lauraine Molina, Patrick Ellasos, RV Cyrille Merto and Keizha Madrid.

PeliKULAY would not be possible without the help of major sponsors Philam Life
Center for the Arts, University of the East, Buklod Alumni Society,,
Artrix Design and Prints, Agimat: Sining at Kulturang Pinoy, Red Room
Productions, and HYDROconceptualus Design Solution.

Check out the web blog of Buklod Sining Organization is for more information and the profile of the
participating artists.


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