BUKLOD SINING: UE CFAAD’s First and biggest delegation in the 4th Student Ad Congress

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For more than two decades now, Buklod Sining has always been open to new challenges, significant and outstanding projects for the UEnian members. And for the year 2011, despite being busy with thesis and art competitions, the biggest art group in the College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design didn’t see this a hindrance in fulfilling their determination and eagerness to learn, and raise their advertising knowledge to greater heights, by attending the 4th Student AD Congress last January 21 and 22 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City.

The event presented by Business Mirror with the theme, “FUTURE ADmen. WORK IN PROGRESS”, the 4th Student AD Congress geared and trained the Buklod Sining delegates about advertising before they join the professionals in the advertising world.

The venue transformed into a full activity construction area where hard hats abound for hardworking future Admen work, with the stage having a flurry of working Admen with implements, from shovels to wheel borrows, manholes, yellow tapes, and the works! This symbolized that all of the future practitioners will be subject to hard labor, dirtying their hands with real accounts and real campaigns, as the professional engineers and architects of advertising make them learn real advertising even before they join the professional ranks.

For the first time in the CFAAD history, UE BUKLOD SINING members experienced this most awaited event, and they had the opportunity to meet the industry’s advertising gurus and got to absorb all the information and tips on how to be an efficient advertising specialist.

The participants are: Brent Carlo Calma, Christian Ceasar Ureta, Jeremy Joy Francisco, Ace Aquino,Maribelle Sambale, Jose Mari Fadrilan, Sarah Jane Co, Russel Llarena, Noel Agulto, Arvin Jay Abarca, Eleonor Cabantog, Michael Gabriel Angel, Redan Bernardo, Estelita Abegail Bejer, Ellasos Patrick, Marcheus Neil Estrada, Isabel Hernandez, Jonathan dela Cruz, Lauraine Tiarra Molina and RV Cyrille Merto.

Six prominent Ad industry speakers invited for the first day shared their expertise to all the delegates. DM9 JaymeSyfu Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Merlee Jayme, Sun Cellular VP for Customer Relationship Management and Corporate Communications Reuben Pangan, Pocholo Gonzales of CreatiVoices Productions, creative’s like Meggy de Guzman and Ian Sta. Maria of BBDO Guerrero/Proximity Philippines, and former AdBoard, AFAA and PANA chair Dinky Villanueva were all present to inspire them to pursue in their field.

On day two, there were colorful presentation and fashion show culminating the awarding of the winning TV, radio, prints and flash banner ads for the brief sponsored by Business Mirror. This year, UE Buklod Sining decided not to participate in the competition because of their strenuous preparation for the 21st Anniversary Art Show. According to UE Buklod Sining President Jeremy Joy Francisco, the members are geared up for the 5th Student Ad Congress and they are ready to break their legs for the competition early next year.

The event became more significant with the launching of the 1ST ASIAD FEST or Asian Students in Advertising Festival. Well, who would know? Maybe a member or a handful of Buklod members will represent UE CFAAD and the Philippines next year.

To perk up, mobile phones were raffled off in the event, and freebies were distributed to the delegates. Fortunately, Buklod Sining’s 3rd Year Representative Sarah Co and Marketing and Special Events coordinator Jose Fadrilan both received a stylish Samsung Mobile Phone. The Student advertising Congress is not just a festive event, but also a learning platform to all the students who wanted to pursue their career in the field of ADVERTISING.


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