UN launches international poster contest on the Holocaust: “Keeping the Memory Alive”


The International Poster Competition is a joint project of the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research (ITF) and Yad Vashem, in cooperation with the London Jewish Cultural Centre, United Kingdom and the European Shoah Legacy Institute in the Czech Republic, as well as in partnership with the 2014 Canadian Chairmanship of the ITF, the Holocaust and United Nations Outreach Programme, and other partners in additional countries around the world.

Students of art and design from participating countries will be invited to submit original posters on the theme “Keeping the Memory Alive – Journeys through the Holocaust” in keeping with the 2014 designated theme of the United Nations Holocaust and Outreach Programme. A committee of international judges, comprising experts in both design and in Holocaust education, will be appointed to select the best posters out of all those submitted.

The 12 highest ranking posters will enjoy high-profile display around the world. Prizes will be awarded for winning designs and the posters will be exhibited extensively, reaching thousands of people in dozens of countries.


10 March 2013 – Opening date for submission of entries

30 April 2013 – Closing date for submission of entries

May 2013 – First round of judging to take place in partner countries

31 May 2013 – Participants that make it through to the final round of judging to be notified via email.

June 2013 – 12 highest ranking posters chosen, winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes announced

30 June 2013 – notification to be sent to 12 finalists

27 January 2014 – exhibition of posters opens in partner countries, ITF countries and at the United Nations.

Poster Creation

Theme – the designated theme for the 2012-2014 competition is “Keeping the Memory Alive – Journeys through the Holocaust”.

Size – Competitors must create a design for a 50cm by 70cm poster with a minimum DPI (resolution) of 300. A minimized electronic copy in A4 size (paper size) with DPI 72 must be submitted by the closing date.

Authenticity – All submissions must be original work of the artist.

Quantity – Only one poster is permitted per entry. Multiple poster sets are not permitted. Competitors may submit more than one design.

Description – Competitors are asked to submit an accompanying short description in English in 100 words or less for each entry. The description should explain the motivation behind the design. If any language is used in the design it should be in English.

Appropriateness – Any design deemed offensive will be eliminated by the judges.


Prizes will be awarded to the top three designs chosen by the international judges (not the local level judges) of the ITF poster competition in June as follows:

1st place – 500 Euros

2nd place- 300 Euros

3rd place – 200 Euros

Designers of the 12 top-ranked posters will be notified by their win by 30 June 2013.

Participation in the competition denotes permission to use and publicize the posters for educational and public use after the competition closes. Artists will not receive payment for this, but will receive credit. Please note that there will be no financial reward or compensation for participation from the United Nations.

The 12 winning posters will become the property of the project and will be displayed extensively across the participating ITF countries, affiliates and at the United Nations from 27 January 2014 (International Holocaust Memorial Day).

Designers may be invited to attend the launches but transportation costs will not be covered.


For additional information, please contact Teresa Debuque, UNIC Manila National Information Officer, at email: teresa.debuque@unic.org,


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