Date: May 11, 2013, Saturday

Venue: Tully’s Cafe, Valenzuela City

Objective: To discuss and round-up ideas for projects for the 25th Anniversary of Buklod Sining.

What you will read below are the 25 projects we’ve wrapped up for the evening during the meeting. Basically, most of those listed in here are of ideas and can be subject to changes, or we may stay on the idea and start enhancing on it. And should you have any suggestions or could come up with additional projects for the list, you may do so. Do contact us! The list can simply go longer.

Here goes!

1. Sining Sa Pader – May 21, 2013 ( On Going )

2. Tahanan: House Project for Lola Teofista – (Let’s support this project by voting!) – July 2013

3. Sininglangan Ballpen Art Competition  ( – February 2014 ( Exact Date TBA )

4. Art Talk – July 2013, (particulars will be announced)

5. 25th Buklod Apparels – August 2013 (Target Month)

6. Studio Tour – November 2013 (Target Month)

7. Gabay Sa Bawat Yapak (Tsinelas Project) – December 2013 (Target Month)

8. Art Talk for UE Hish School – September 2013 (Target Month)

9. Art Workshop for the Street Children – (Target Location: Malate Church)

10. Gallery Tour for Kids – c/o Jem

11. NCCA Exhibit – c/o Daniel – February 2014 (Target Month)

12. Art Talk – with Sining Gang

13. School Supplies Project – June 2014 (Target Month)

14. Performance Art – February 2014 (Target Month)

15. Buklod JR’s

16. Ad Forum – November 2013 (Target Month)

17. ID Passport

18. Team Building – November 2013 (Target Month)

19. Buklod Video – February 2014 (Target Month)

20. Scholarship Program

21. Fun Run / Sports / Solidarity Night at UE Field

22. Sketch Kita!

23 . ART TALK  with world renowned photographer


3rd Place, Philippine National Award, WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD,     Sony. And recentlly, Best Photographer Award by the NIKON SCHOOL Centre of Excellence.

London, England. The NIKON School is the biggest in EUROPE

24. Grand Exhibit – December 2014 (Target Month)

25. Buklod Sining Grand Reunion – October 2014 (Target Month)

Again, the above list can go further…


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