SININGLANGAN TRES Inter-school Ballpen Art Competition 2014


DSC07899 DSC07900 DSC07901 DSC07902 DSC07903 DSC07904 DSC07905 DSC07906 DSC07907 DSC07908 DSC07909 DSC07910 DSC07911 DSC07913 DSC07914 DSC07916 DSC07917 DSC07918 DSC07919 DSC07920 DSC07921 DSC07923 DSC07924 DSC07926 DSC07931 DSC07933 DSC07934 DSC07936 DSC07937 DSC07938 DSC07940 DSC07941 DSC07942 DSC07944 DSC07946 DSC07947 DSC07948 DSC07949 DSC07950 DSC07951 DSC07952 DSC07955 DSC07957 DSC07959 DSC07960DSC07885 DSC07886 DSC07887 DSC07888 DSC07890 DSC07891

DSC07892 DSC07893 DSC07894 DSC07895 DSC07896 DSC07897 DSC07898




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