Throwback: Makiling Art Center ART CAMP 1989 atbp

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Performance @ Art Caravan sa Mt. Makiling, 1989 39436_177924922231250_4891675_n

With boji borjal, Jimmy Balbastro, Einna Jacinto, Reuvien Mozart, Yvette Palanca Mercader, Buklod Sining, Dean Florencio Conception and Roland Domingo Garceron. 39436_177924925564583_2366743_n 66638_164131253610617_2344210_n 68294_177920878898321_6302714_n 68294_177920892231653_5478754_n 74659_177907735566302_1228606_n 162980_177924062231336_7372575_n 163888_177907122233030_6508056_n

Art Caravan’89, Mount Makiling — with Emil Cascabel, roberto villanueva, Buklod Sining, Hil Raymundo, Jun M. Martinez, Bo Linaban, Aretha Yniguez, Karina Lazarte, Ron Bullet JDee, Michael Navarro, Dee-Dee Caloy Santiago and Alan Offemaria.

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