Catching Delights: A three-man show

CATCHING DELIGHTS Catching Delights, a three-man show featuring Jeff Baligad, Jommer Mhei Bolesa, and Lei Manto II, will open on February 21, 6 p.m., at the Arte Pintura Gallery, The Address Condominium lobby at Wack Wack Road, Mandaluyong City. The show exhibits individual and collaborative hybrid paintings which are inspired by the artists’ personal desires and life experiences. Using different media, they communicate their objects of desire, may it be truth, lust, or reverence through their distinct styles. Baligad’s works focus on introspection. Using vivid hues, he characterizes his profound understanding of silence and how it sparks his object of desire, contentment that can be brought about when one engages in a deep intellectual exercise. People take part in internal monologues daily but only a few can actively immerse in a pool of calming mindfulness.  Carnal desires ignite Bolesa’s fancy. His playful imagery speaks of one’s capacity to endure and one’s will to participate in dark pursuits to satiate one’s craving. In Bolesa’s world, there is no keeping score when it comes to the desires of the flesh – lust is the dominating force. A strong desire for fame and validation is what Manto’s pieces are all about. It may seem ambitious and almost irrational to aspire one’s self to be revered among gods and kings but Manto expresses his desire with slight caution. His works stress that seeking adulation is a tricky affair, for it can easily break one’s pride to the point of insanity. The artists, Baligad, Bolesa and Manto, showcase their most coveted things – self-understanding, sexual pleasures, and notability. The exhibit runs until March 8. For inquiries, you may call 6310898 or contact Azor Pazcoguin at 09209506334. You may also email or visit


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