WINNERS OF 2015 TNK On-the-Spot Drawing and Painting Constest

TNK winners

CATEGORY D – 16 – 19 years old
Grand Prize – Hans Jensen Salcedo Martin
Second Prize – John Patrick Gañas
Third Prize – Jay Condeno
1st Honorable – Romer Jan Delos Reyes
2nd Honorable – RJ Dumpales
3rd Honorable – University of the Philippines – Diliman
4th Honorable – Mica Cristel Villanueva
5th Honorable – Ev- Crezly Arganza Cabrera

1513827_1044681265550361_7619250929850401798_n 11259930_1044681248883696_4535992447267440204_n 11986386_1044680772217077_6394723037488262472_n 11988632_1044681012217053_498012962626432619_n 11988646_1044680645550423_737809156719119776_n 11990492_1044680995550388_1476287823412577120_n 11993280_1044681302217024_2673327290314717414_n 12002796_1044680938883727_3748381421123565883_n 12002857_1044681152217039_8895601348940505486_n 12003325_1044681052217049_1729590780766480696_n 12009544_1044680915550396_477574954104210412_n 12009544_1044681285550359_6608256572900302170_n 12011162_1044680702217084_7797378683285211005_n 12011214_1044681108883710_875756826875442788_n 12011286_1044680985550389_117261655668780626_n 12011363_1044680892217065_6335436046346946720_n


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