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Buklod Sining Organization

21st Anniversary Information Guidelines for Buklod UE and Alumni Society Members, Advisers and Guest Artists Event Title: PeliKULAY Isang Pagpupugay ng BUKLOD SINING sa Pelikulang Pilipino

In conjunction with Philam Life Center for the Arts National Commission for Culture and the Arts University of the East College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design


February 1-18, 2011 Philam Life Center for the Arts, United Nations Avenue, Manila

Theme: Tribute to Philippine Cinema

About the Event:

In celebration of the Buklod Sining 21st Anniversary and countdown to SILVER Anniversary by the year 2014, the Grand Exhibition is a kick-off and a fund raising event of Buklod Alumni Society to start the countdown with diverse projects that will enhance the artistic spirit of students and UE alumni. Aside from the Grand Exhibition, Buklod will also hold the International Performance Art Festival of TUPADA and NCCA Art Show. The Art Exhibition will focus not only in paintings and photography but also in sculpture and performance art. This will be the biggest “art group” exhibition in the history of the College of Fine Arts. Alumni, students, advisers and guest artists are encouraged to submit one artwork each for the said exhibit. About the Theme: The idea of giving homage to Philippine Cinema through paintings, sculpture and photography is a way for us, artists to express our thoughts and appreciation to local film industry as it creates history.

The theme of the 2011 Art Show is “Tribute to Philippine Cinema”. Artists may create paintings, sculpture and photography about the following:
– Silver screen icons from 1950’s up to now. (Paintings)
– Famous film from 1950’s up to now. (Paintings)
– Architectural Photography of Old Movie Houses around the Philippines. (Photography or Painting)
– Old Photographs of behind-the-scenes during film productions, directors, actors etc (Photography)

Old Photographs should be original property of the artist for intellectual property rights concern.

Venue: The alumni society opted for Philam Life as a venue for art exhibitions. Philam Life is located at United Nations Avenue in the heart Manila. For the second time, Buklod Sining will experience the hospitality of Philam Life Center for the Arts this coming February 1 to 18, 2011 as part of UE’s celebration of National Arts Month.
Aside from this, the aforementioned exhibition will also be part of a local film festival at the second quarter of 2011. Information about this will be posted soon at


The official measurement or dimensions of artworks are the following:

For students – 2 x 3 feet (Oil and Acrylic Painting) Box type measures – 3 inches 2 x 3 feet (watercolour Painting) including frame 2 x 3 feet (Pen and ink and pencils etc. ) including frame 8 x 10 inches for photography plus 3 inches matting and 1 inch frame Frame colour should be black with white matting. Pls. coordinate with us regarding framing of works.

For alumni, advisers and guest artists 2 x 3 feet (Oil and Acrylic Painting) Box type measures – 3 inches 3 x 3 feet (Oil and Acrylic Painting) Box type measures – 3 inches 2 x 3 feet (watercolour Painting) including frame 2 x 2 feet (Pen and ink and pencils) including frame Frame colour should be black Pls. coordinate with us regarding framing of works. Submission and Consultation: For students – concept and studies consultation period is on November 3 to 15 Look for Mr. Garcia, Mrs. Villanueva for the final approval You can also ask help from the alumni society through Mr. Bacani and kabuklod in Facebook before you submit works to Buklod Advisers
For alumni – no need to submit studies however, please let us know on or before November 15 if you’re joining the art show, for us to finalize the division of panel boards. Note: You have to submit the stills or photographs of your works on or before January 5, 2011.


January 31, 2011

Sales Agreement: 20% of the Art Exhibition total sales will proceed to Buklod Sining Alumni Society’s Future Projects and the UECFA Community.

This would be a big help in promoting arts through workshops, tours and art shows like this. Philam Life and Buklod Sining Agreement: As part of Philam Life’s tradition to support artistry in the Philippines, our venue is at no cost, yet Buklod Sining needs to donate one painting from the exhibited works of the students. All the exhibitors need to contribute in order to reach 50% of the whole amount of the donated artwork.

For example, if you’re painting price is 10,000, Buklod Sining will pay you the amount of 5,000 which is 50% of the total price. Moreover, the artist will also receive a certificate from Buklod Sining and Philam Life. Marketing and Promotions: Richard Legaspi, Genevieve Uy, Ruby Sapaula and Ronwell Bacani.

The team is also in-charge for invites, poster and campaign ads. BUKLOD UE is in-charge of the program and dissemination of information through email, word press account and PERSONAL MESSAGES through Facebook. We want to stress out that we prefer answering questions through personal message over facebook wall. Note: We are very open to accept help from you guys.

Please do inform us.

FUND RAISING for the event:
Since last May of 2010, we have already conducted meetings with the alumni on how to raise funds for Buklod Sining Alumni Society. Again, the project of Alumni Society is different from the projects of Buklod UE. The beneficiaries of the projects of the first are the alumni and students. Buklod UE has its own student-projects and budget. Still, the alumni society is open to extend help in terms of financial and moral support. Whilst, this is our major obligation to them. The alumni society’s money is a contingency fund of Buklod Sining UE as well.

For more information Late November of this year, we will open a bank account (bank book) for you to be able to deposit your monetary help or donations. Any amount from you will be highly appreciated, just keep the receipt and email it to us for our reference.

Updates concerning Buklod Alumni Society’s Budget would be available twice a year. Sponsorship: Buklod Sining is always open for sponsorship in cash and in kind. Please let us know if you have contacts who are willing to support us. For example, beverages and food sponsorship, tarpaulin, contacts in newspaper and magazine, exhibition venues for future shows etc.

Artist Contribution: PLEASE EMAIL

Questions and concern:
If you have inquiries, do not hesitate to email You may also leave your message at

Prepared and Approved by: BUKLOD ALUMNI SOCIETY BOARD 4th day of November 2010


6 Comments Add yours

  1. jojitgutierrezbegino says:

    sa sino mang alagab ng sining ibahagi ang inyong obra at likha at alituntunin ng inyong kaisipan ipabama ang bahagi ng iyong puso sa ikalulukod ng kaluluwa ialay sa kapwa tao mula sa dios at para sa dios


    1. buklodsining says:

      Maraming salamat po sa napakagandang mensahe, tunay po ang sining ay makapangyarihan at naniniwala po kami na ang lahat ng ginagawa ng Buklod Sining, obra man ito sa larangan ng pelikula, pagpipinta, malayang paggalaw at literatura ay para sa amang lumikha!

      Mabuhay ang Sining!

  2. jojitgutierrezbegino says:


    1. buklodsining says:

      thank you so much sir!

  3. hello,
    i am a college freshman from the college of fine arts in the university of the east Caloocan, and i just wanted to know if artworks like structural models or miniature replicas is allowed to be in the exhibit?

    1. Hello Paul, kindly ask Mr. Bacani of Advertising Department about your question. Personally, I like your idea but still, we need to consult the organizer.

      Maraming Salamat!

      Buklod Sining

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