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Congrats Kabuklod John Patrick Gañas!

“60 minutes” by John Patrick Gañas is the lone Filipino winning poster for the 5th International Reggae Poster Contest. The winning posters will be exhibited at the Art of Reggae exhibitions around the world with its first exhibit at Liverpool, UK on June 7, 2017.

The contest entry call started on November 1 which ended on February 14,2017 with its theme “Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating Great Jamaican Music”.


PinaEBAtres 2015

Pinaeba Tres Poster

Pinaeba Tres: Filipina sa Lahat ng Panahon

The Buklod Sining Visual Art Exhibit for a Cause featuring the works of Alumni, Students and Guest Artists.

Opens on December 5, 6pm
Runs Until December 30.

Oxygen Art + Design Gallery
Lung Center of the Philippines
Quezon Ave, Diliman, Quezon City

Catching Delights: A three-man show

CATCHING DELIGHTS Catching Delights, a three-man show featuring Jeff Baligad, Jommer Mhei Bolesa, and Lei Manto II, will open on February 21, 6 p.m., at the Arte Pintura Gallery, The Address Condominium lobby at Wack Wack Road, Mandaluyong City. The show exhibits individual and collaborative hybrid paintings which are inspired by the artists’ personal desires and life experiences. Using different media, they communicate their objects of desire, may it be truth, lust, or reverence through their distinct styles. Baligad’s works focus on introspection. Using vivid hues, he characterizes his profound understanding of silence and how it sparks his object of desire, contentment that can be brought about when one engages in a deep intellectual exercise. People take part in internal monologues daily but only a few can actively immerse in a pool of calming mindfulness.  Carnal desires ignite Bolesa’s fancy. His playful imagery speaks of one’s capacity to endure and one’s will to participate in dark pursuits to satiate one’s craving. In Bolesa’s world, there is no keeping score when it comes to the desires of the flesh – lust is the dominating force. A strong desire for fame and validation is what Manto’s pieces are all about. It may seem ambitious and almost irrational to aspire one’s self to be revered among gods and kings but Manto expresses his desire with slight caution. His works stress that seeking adulation is a tricky affair, for it can easily break one’s pride to the point of insanity. The artists, Baligad, Bolesa and Manto, showcase their most coveted things – self-understanding, sexual pleasures, and notability. The exhibit runs until March 8. For inquiries, you may call 6310898 or contact Azor Pazcoguin at 09209506334. You may also email or visit

BUKLOD SINING ART SHOW: PinaEba: Filipina sa Lahat ng Panahon

Buklod Sining, University of the East’s (UE) prime organization for artists who aim to promote social consciousness through the creative arts, celebrates its 25th anniversary with PinaEba: Filipina sa Lahat ng Panahon.

Homage to the Filipina spirit, the exhibit opened on December 5 at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts’ (NCCA) Gallery. It highlights the importance of Filipinas in the shaping and reshaping of the country’s history, politics and culture.

Participating students, alumni and guest artists gave life to female icons from different fields and timelines as each is given their share of the canvass.


Buklod Sining 2014-2015 Officers

PinaEba, derived from a play on the terms Pinay, the colloquial for Filipina, and iba which denotes the Filipina uniqueness, captures the different faces of Filipino women, their role and status in the Filipino and global community, their continuous fight against oppression and exploitation and their empowerment as a sector.

Cory Aquino, Miriam Santiago, Imelda Marcos of the political field; Lea Salonga, Nora Aunor, Lisa Macuja, and Kalinga tattoo artist Whang Od for cultural field; Megan Young and Angel Locsin for the entertainment field are a few of the many world-class Filipina featured in the exhibit. The colorful and lively art symbolizes the Filipina’s life-giving power and the strength that belies the Pinay struggle.


UE President, Dr. Ester A. Garcia

UE president Ester Garcia expressed her delight on the theme of PinaEba. She pointed out the importance of the Filipina in the many facets of nation building, noting that the women make up half of the country’s population.

According to Buklod Sining’s president, Aviegail Landicho, the exhibit was conceived two years ago and was initially intended to feature paintings with “mother and child” theme. However, the group decided to go with a more general theme to cater to all Filipino women and not just the mothers.

Egai Talusan Fernandez, the exhibit’s curator and a renowned social realist artist, pointed out the necessity of catering to the up-and-coming young artists from colleges and universities. Such exhibits, Fernandez commented, serve as the transition point for aspiring artists before they venture into the professional field of art critiquing and appreciation.

To be able to create an avenue for the budding artists of the country is one of the commitments of the NCCA being the prime government agency in promoting art and culture.

Selected pictures from BUKLOD SINING exhibition 2015




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PinaEBA: UE Buklod Sining’s tribute to Filipino Women

Pinaeba FA jpeg (1)

UE Fine Arts’ Buklod Sining Marks 25th Anniversary with Exhibit-Tribute to Filipino Women

Buklod Sining, reputed to be the first ever student organization of what is now the UE College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design (CFAD), marks its silver anniversary this year with a grand exhibit that pays tribute to Filipino women.

Titled “Pinaeba: Filipina sa Lahat ng Panahon,” the commemorative exhibit opens tomorrow, December 5, 2014, 6 p.m. at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Gallery and will run until December 31, 2014. The exhibit, curated by Mr. Egai Talusan Fernandez, will feature various artworks by UE CFAD students, alumni and guest artists.

Buklod Sining is a group of artists promoting social consciousness formation through the creative arts and aiming to raise the bar of excellence in the field of arts with the support of the Buklod Sining Alumni Society and the University of the East. (More on Buklod Sining here:

Through “Pinaeba,” the participating UE Buklod Sining advisers, alumni, students, professors and guest artists aim to present Filipino women in distinctive aspects, highlighting their uniqueness and diversity in terms of place, generation, field of endeavor, culture and ethnicity. Furthermore, this explores the role of women in Philippine society who have gained more leverage compared to women in many other countries in elevating their status in society and in their fight against oppression and exploitation. The exhibit will feature paintings and sculptures, with Buklod Sining advisers, headed by UE CFAD professor Ronwell Jason L. Bacani, advising the participants on applicable styles, composition and medium according to their talents and abilities.

In the 25 years of Buklod Sining, the organization has nurtured numerous artists and many of its present members have a piece in “Pinaeba.”

The student participants are: Tricia Mae Abid / Marie France Alejandrino / Ralph Lawrence Ballesteros / Lorrydhell Banayos / Danielle Bernadette A. Banigoos / Shanayah Avriehl Bautista / John Allan Paul Calalo / Jaz Onize Calma / Justin Sisio Castillio / Jose Carlos Conde / Aletheia Cloi de Guzman / Paolo Nikko De Guzman / Aizel Joie Flores de Pedro / Alice Apues Deleonio / Arianna Ramon Delos Santos / Patrice Lynn Hollyn Cunanan Eser / Shaira Fetalcurin Falcutila / Rizzenellie Bo Fernando / Glenerie Joyce C. Forelo / Bayani Jemmeson Inco Galera / John Patrick Aznar Gañas / Marc Vincent Gatmaitan / Monica Kristen Q. Huelar / Jordan Patrick C. Joven / Diane Ang Kho / Aviegail Hamor Landicho / Karla Hazel Catalan Loso / Ralph Guiang Mades / Ian Manansala / Hans Jensen Salcedo Martin / Embee Joy Cabacungan Medrano / Gabriel Napilot / Chelsea Mae Dela Cruz Natividad / Lance Arvin Mamburam Nazal / Jose Paulo Ocampo / Manel Ong / Heinrich Ivan Pacleb / Erica Galicia Palaroan / Pauline Jaine Palita / Jocel Pangilinan / Rhuvajena Historillio Patiag / Alexandria Sacha Pilapil / Arnulfo Malapit Ragma II / Roan Santiago Ramos / Aira Danielle Abelinde Reyes / Danica Mae Reyes / Princess Mary Gallego Rudica / Marcelino C. Sanchez / Isabella Maria Briones Santos / Noahra Andrei D. Santos / Joshua Angelo Soriano / Renzo Alberto Suñga / Catherine L. Suzara / Franc Nedlloyd San Jose Talaroc / Rayson Paul Gomez Tancasis / Krizelle Aquillino Tiambeng and Maorene Zantua.

Participants from the Buklod Sining Alumni Society are Ace Luchico Aquino / John Rey Aquino / Redan Bernardo / Brent Carlo Y. Calma / Rigor B. Esguerra / Michael Ray M. Gonzales / Noel Angelo Izar / Russel Llarena / Daniel Dionisio Mejia / Christian Padilla and Renz Rubio Reyes III.

Participating as a guest artist is Aaron Cedrick Santos Manaloto, the Grand Prize Winner of the UE CFAD’s Sininglangan-Tres Inter-School On-the-Spot Ballpen Art Competition 2014.

The NCCA Gallery is located at 633 General Luna Street in Intramuros, Manila (beside Philippine National Red Cross). The gallery is open Mondays to Fridays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Inquiries are welcome at the NCCA Public Affairs and Information Office at 527-2192 local 512 and at the UE CFAD at 367-4572 local 502 and 362-3813.

(Based on a news release by Alexander Nicole P. Sabillo and Aletheia Cloi M. de Guzman)

Throwback: Makiling Art Center ART CAMP 1989 atbp

1 39436_177924918897917_5219228_n

Performance @ Art Caravan sa Mt. Makiling, 1989 39436_177924922231250_4891675_n

With boji borjal, Jimmy Balbastro, Einna Jacinto, Reuvien Mozart, Yvette Palanca Mercader, Buklod Sining, Dean Florencio Conception and Roland Domingo Garceron. 39436_177924925564583_2366743_n 66638_164131253610617_2344210_n 68294_177920878898321_6302714_n 68294_177920892231653_5478754_n 74659_177907735566302_1228606_n 162980_177924062231336_7372575_n 163888_177907122233030_6508056_n

Art Caravan’89, Mount Makiling — with Emil Cascabel, roberto villanueva, Buklod Sining, Hil Raymundo, Jun M. Martinez, Bo Linaban, Aretha Yniguez, Karina Lazarte, Ron Bullet JDee, Michael Navarro, Dee-Dee Caloy Santiago and Alan Offemaria.

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