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UE CFAD Exemplary Academic Performance 2016-2017

UE CFAD Exemplary Academic Performance 2016-2017

Saludo kami sa inyo mga KABUKLOD!

First and Second Semester SY 2015-2016
Tricia Mae Abid
Danielle Bernadette A. Banigoos
Arianna Delos Santos
John Patrick Gañas
Jho Llorente
Hans Jensen Salcedo Martin
Embee Medrano

Second Semester SY 2015-2016 and First Semester SY 2016-2017
EV Cabrera
EV Cabrera
Olivia Marie Concepcion Ona Olivia Ona
AngeLyka Ong


BUKLOD member Mikaela Burbano will represent NCR in National Heritage Forum


Young advocates and cultural workers will gather for the first time in the history of heritage-promotion and conservation in the country to celebrate the wonders of the Filipino nation, to affirm their commitments to nation-building, and to be inspired by each other and by the invited established cultural workers, scholars, and vanguards. The delegates are expected to actively voice out their ideas and concerns to the stakeholders of heritage and the cultural agencies of the government, and contribute in the forum’s proceedings.


The 1st National Youth Forum on Heritage Secretariat received 238 applications from all over the country. Ninety-six (96) have reached the National Screening Assembly, and from them 57 regional delegates and 23 sectoral delegates (e.g. agriculture, art conservation, built heritage conservation) were selected.

National Capital Region

  • Ararao, Johhan Joseph Ciabu (Las Piñas City; Tagalog)
  • Burbano, Mikaela Daguna (Caloocan City; Tagalog)
  • Mañez, Charles Boris Manuel (Las Piñas City; Tagalog)

Congrats Mark Loi Sagun – Gold Award, IPA – Philippines 2015



Entry Title: ” The Philippine Smile”
 Mark Loi E. Sagun
, Philippines 
Category: Non-Professional

Entry Description: No monsoon, no vengeful weather of past and future would ever take 
away the Filipino\’s trademark smile…

a smile that has seen, and withstood all the trials life has to offer. Even 
when the winds howl and curse a farmer\’s field, that smile will shine with 
all the beacon of inner hope.