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  1. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    Good day, This is to inform you that I recommend Buklod Sining Art Organization to my current company to do a Christmas decor to one of our biggest projects.

    Our Company is Property Company of Friends, Inc., more popularly known as Pro-Friends, is a property development company that started operations in February 1999.

    In line with our meeting last Monday, we would like to request the costing list of the winning lantern entitled Estrella ng Silangan in the 2008 DOT Paskong Pinoy Lantern Making Contest. This costing will help us to analyze and estimate the possible budget for the said project.

    Our project director will contact you once she receive the liquidation/costing.

    You may contact me to this number. 09168546159

    I’m hoping for your positive response.

    Thank you Very much and More Power to our Art Organization.

    -Ricky Adeva

    1. buklodsining says:

      thanks sir Ricky!

      I’ll inform Buklod UE about this asap!

      more power!


  2. nobuyuki says:

    masarap na maging member ng buklod

    1. tama! so we have to do our best to support the new members! : )

  3. joel roberto cruz says:

    dear buklod members,

    i think your history about buklod sining is not enough and lack of info and
    research..but we are history already as an art group.anyway im proud to be a founding member of buklod…cheers for another 50years or more
    congratulations..KABUKLOD SINING

    joel roberto cruz
    founder, Buklod sining
    advertising class president 1992

  4. Jesus C. Torres Jr. says:

    ART!!!!! C JESS TORRES JR TO!!! MUSTA KA NA!!!! UECFA!! KLASMEYT!! musta sa lahat!!!

  5. Jesus C. Torres Jr. says:

    Aretha!!! c jess to!!!!

  6. Ira aguila says:

    Do you have 1day art workshop for a grp of homeschoolers? Thnks

    1. Ms. Ira Aguila,

      Yes Ms. Ira, we can organize a one day art event for homeschoolers : )

      Pls email Shai Falcutilla @ or call 3623813



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