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The 2nd Buklod Sining Multi-Media Arts Festival

Buklod Sining UE is organizing the second Multi-Media Arts Festival entitled SININGLANGANEXPOSITION to be held this coming December 2010. We are inviting everyone to submit latest works in Digital Painting, Graphic Arts, Manual or Digital works in Illustrations, Comics, Animation and Video Art. This event is a side bar art exhibition of Buklod Sining in preparation for the countdown to 25th anniversary on 2014.

The venue of the Exposition is either the College of Fine Arts Hallway Gallery or the Tan Yan Kee Academic Building Ground Floor. We decided to come up with the idea of featuring works in relation to multi-media and illustration to inspire, edify and keep the students of UE abreast with new media, comics and illustrations.

We know that Buklod Sining already produced dynamic and world-class artists in this field; still Buklod will once again open a new window for students to have more knowledge about the other avenues of art. Certainly, we are eyeing for a bigger venue outside the university to exhibit your works straight away.

This is part of the Buklod Sining Touring Exhibition. On the other hand, we need to collect your works on or before _____________   ( TBA ). Please feel free to visit UE CFAAD, 5th Floor and look for Buklod Sining Officers or Advisers. You can also email for inquiries. Be there to experience how your contribution in the field of arts is counted, as you inspire others to also become a visionary like you!


1. The Theme is open but limited to works that are vulgar, too graphic, morbid and issues concerning sexuality and racism.

2. All works should be properly framed in any colour, matting but ready for hanging.

3. We also accept works on sintra board for safety purposes. Hence, we encourage you to use frame with glass.

4. Scanned works mounted on board is also acceptable, in case you do not want to exhibit the original one.

5. Works that are under ad agency or for corporate use are not acceptable; even though you are the artist who created it, we do not exhibit works with legal restrictions.

6. The idea of the exhibition is OPTIMISM and ENCOURAGMENT FOR YOUNG ARTIST. Feel free to submit your previous and latest works. “Show your MENTOR how good you are now!”

7. Comics in western or anime style, 3D and 2D Animation on print, Book Illustration, Poster Design, Digital Painting, Architectural Design, Campaign Ads etc.

8. You can submit a minimum of one and a maximum of three art works.

9. Write your name at the back of the art works and send other details, such as title, year, medium or software used and size to Your subject title should be EXPOSITION, so that we can easily distinguish all the mails.

10. For more information just email

11. Sales Agreement: 20% of the Art Exhibition total sales will go to Buklod Sining Alumni Society’s Future Projects and the UECFA Community. This would be a big help in promoting arts through workshops, tours and art shows like the 25th anniversary exhibition in 2014.

Prepared and approved by:


4th day ofNovember 2010


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