Congrats Kabuklod John Patrick Gañas!

“60 minutes” by John Patrick Gañas is the lone Filipino winning poster for the 5th International Reggae Poster Contest. The winning posters will be exhibited at the Art of Reggae exhibitions around the world with its first exhibit at Liverpool, UK on June 7, 2017.

The contest entry call started on November 1 which ended on February 14,2017 with its theme “Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating Great Jamaican Music”.



UE CFAD Exemplary Academic Performance 2016-2017

UE CFAD Exemplary Academic Performance 2016-2017

Saludo kami sa inyo mga KABUKLOD!

First and Second Semester SY 2015-2016
Tricia Mae Abid
Danielle Bernadette A. Banigoos
Arianna Delos Santos
John Patrick Gañas
Jho Llorente
Hans Jensen Salcedo Martin
Embee Medrano

Second Semester SY 2015-2016 and First Semester SY 2016-2017
EV Cabrera
EV Cabrera
Olivia Marie Concepcion Ona Olivia Ona
AngeLyka Ong

Gen Ad: Advertising Through Time and Space.

Explore new frontiers and venture into uncharted territories. This year, UST TouchPoint, in collaboration with the University of Asia and the Pacific – Communitas present Gen Ad: Advertising Through Time and Space.

Keep up with the ever-evolving field of advertising. Learn about Digital Advertising, Native Advertising, Trendspotting, and Content Advertising, as multi-awarded ad professionals share their expertise with us on April 1, 2017 at the Li Sieng Gap Auditorium, University of Asia and the Pacific from 12:30 to 5:00 PM.

Tickets are priced at 200.00php.

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Our org partners:
Ateneo ACTM
League of Advertising Students (LOADS)
iJMA – iACADEMY Junior Marketing Association
Blank Canvas Advertising House
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