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  1. russel says:

    wow naman, 2nd prize tayo sa booth design contest, galing galing naten.. go go go.. fight!

  2. buklodsining says:

    Ang GALING na FINE ARTS! ang BOOTH ang repleksiyon ng isang organization at ipinakita niyo sa buong UE Community kung ano ang nagiging BUNGA kung tulong-tulong!

  3. miguellegazpi says:

    What’s the name of Buklod Sining’s yahoogroup account again? Sorry but just couldn’t find it.

    1. i think it’s the old buklod yahoo group account, okey sir miguel, I’ll coordinate your question to sir bacani re this.


      1. miguellegazpi says:

        i have yet to hear a word from you regarding my mr. bacani’s reply. anyways, can you just give me his or mr. chard legaspi’s yahoo email so that i can send them directly the required artist profile?


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