Buklod Sining Art Organization, the home of art visionaries.

After the historical PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION in 1986, the first ever art organization at the University of the East was established. “BUKLOD” a tagalog word which means “united” was used to represent the oneness of ideas and creativity of all the art visionaries in the college of fine arts; “SINING”or art, a product of human emotions and expressions. The two words combined to create a powerful name that holds the vision of different artists in all walks of life.

The combined efforts and dreams of the founders, headed by Ricky Aragon, Jonet Carpio, Joel Cruz and Chito Iscala, Buklod started the painstaking struggle that created projects to enhance the members’ creativity and freedom, to understand the ultimate meaning of art more so to express emotions through art.

In the first quarter of 1990’s, Buklod organized art exhibitions in major galleries all over the Philippines.  It serves as the universities emblem that UE College of Fine Arts is also a world class when it comes to artistry. After numerous exhibitions at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Phil-AM Life Foundation and other major galleries, Buklod also initiated PERFORMANCE ART in UE.  It is a validation that art is a never ending self expression.

Performance Art, a Buklod Sining’s distinction was established by one of the pioneers, Ronaldo Ruiz.  Much effort was exerted to propagate this art expression.  Every year, the chosen members of Buklod conquered the UE center field to present various and memorable performances using bodies, painted in diverse colours, also known as “The Human Canvass”. Buklod was also invited in different artistic and cultural events because of this remarkable performance that lead Ruiz in an International Fame as a world class Filipino Performance Artist.

Buklod remains modest with all its glory and magnificence. We owe this to all the members and alumni who are still at hand to support their beloved BUKLOD through different challenges through the years. Undeniably, this is the oldest ART Organization in the College of Fine Arts which produced art movers and visionaries in the local and international arena. “Excellence” in all the projects that we do is the philosophy  that we learned from the founders since the beginning.

The concept of the organization is to have a home that accepts not only triumphs, but failures as well. A mother that ready to embrace her children in their struggles as artists for 20 glorious years, this is what Buklod Sining all about.

We have 21 presidents working in diverse avenue in the industry, PLDT Directory Painting winners, Shell National Art Competition Grand Champions, Metro Bank Young Painter Annuals Awardees, Philip Morris Art Award Grand Champions, Asian Art Award Finalist, Cultural Center of the Philippines 100 Outstanding Artist, Internationally Acclaimed Performance Artist, Art Petron Winners, Two Time DOT Lantern Competition Champions, A world class Laureate in the field of film and multi-media, 3D effects artist in Japan,  Singapore acclaimed photographers, numerous fashion designers, Art Directors in major Advertising Companies, Fist ever UE CFA, Best Organization Awardee, 8 cum laudes, 1 magna cum laude, more than hundreds Dean’s Lister and Top Students, more than 40 student council positions, first UE CFA organization featured in Manila Bulletin, Inquirer, Philippine Star and On line News and more than 35 Art Exhibits and 20 performance art presentation to name a few.

Indeed, Buklod is a consistent home of UE CFA pride and we owe this to our advisers with the guidance and blessings from God.

“If artistry needs foundation, BUKLOD SINING is the institution…”


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