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Prof. Edgardo G. Garcia

Faculty Adviser, Buklod Sining Organization

“If artistry needs foundation, this professor is the institution…”

Prof. Garcia or also known as Sir Ed, serves as the father of Buklod Sining Art Organization since 1989. His immeasurable effort to serve the organization as adviser brought Buklod Sining into its distinction as one of the best recognized college organizations in University of The East.

For him, guiding buklod members in their journey for artistic excellence is a part of his advocacy as an art academician. He is a true blooded warrior in the true sense of the word. He studied in UE Caloocan from High School to College and finished a degree in Fine Arts, major in Advertising Arts in 1984 and prior to his teaching assignments he has been a visual artist before in a design firm in Singapore and Art Department Head at Sugar Land Corporation to name a few.


Prof. Garcia is also the coach of UECFA Basketball Team and Volley Ball Team for more than decades and represented the college together with selected Buklod Sining members in different competitions like the recent DOT Paskong-Pasko Lantern Contest wherein the group bagged the Grand Prize for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

He also handles foundation subjects of Advertising Department such as Anatomy and Cartooning. In the previous years, he handled subjects like “WORKSHOP” and Advertising Production.

What makes Buklod Sining proud of having Mr. Garcia for 20 glorious years is that, he taught the members to be responsible by all means, that the meaning of organization is respecting each other’s views, opinions and ideologies. That Buklod is for the student and by the student.

Mr. Garcia is here to guide and support the vision of Buklod Sining as the home of UE’s internationally acclaimed artist, like a father who’s after his children’s welfare.

On the lighter side, he’s a certified pet lover and a number one fan of the UE Red Warriors.

He’s a buzzer beater in every ball games before…






Prof. Ellen D. Villanueva, MGT

Faculty Adviser, Buklod Sining Organization


“The home of the visionaries is not complete without a mother.”

That is the advantage of having Prof. Ellen Villanueva for Buklod Sining. Technically, she never brought us in this world. But what we feel every single day is we have a guiding radiance in the form of an affectionate woman, honing our artistic sensibilities and uplifting our morals as art visionaries.

She has been one of the advisers of Buklod Sining Art Organization since 1995 and up to now. We can’t imagine our beloved organization without her presence in times of uncertainties and in times of victories.

She graduated Fine Arts at the Far Eastern University, major in Advertising Arts in 1986 and finished her Master in Graphics Technology Degree at the Technological University of the Philippines – Manila last year, major in Industrial Design. She also attended and represented the College of Fine Arts in a Design Convention in Hong Kong in 2008, and applied the concept of “Functional Dress” in the senior advertising class Fashion Show last year in Mall of Asia.

As a female adviser, she is exceptionally perfect and open-minded, always at hand to help the members in different art competitions like the Department of Tourism Lantern Contest, as Buklod brought home the back-to-back Grand Prize Award.

Professor Ellen Villanueva, currently teaches senior advertising subjects like Workshop, Textile Design, Layout and Computer Graphic Design. She is also active in helping the marketing promotion of the university through her artistic designs and concepts.

What makes Buklod Sining proud of having Mrs. Villanueva for 20 glorious years is that she taught the members how to be rational and upright.  Her rules in classrooms are also her rules in Buklod Nilad. Know our responsibilities as BUKLOD and develop your talents through hard work, keenness and seeking guidance from the Lord. A devoted Christian and a mother of four wonderful kids; she is undeniably one of the most sincere and exceptional professors in the campus.

Professor Ellen Villanueva is simply an epitome of passion and excellence.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good day!

    I am Camille Andrea Cordero from Team Manila. We are inviting school organizations as student organization partners for Student Day on August 12 at Glorietta 5 as part of the second Manila Design Week.

    We are hoping to send your organization an invitation for the said event. And also, is it possible to know the college student representative that we can coordinate with for an invitation for other students of UE College of Fine Arts?

    Hoping for a positive response.

    Thank you.


    Camille Andrea Cordero

  2. russel says:

    wow naman.. parang painting;))

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